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Hi, I'm Christine.


I am a mindfulness educator, emotional health coach, and personal development junkie.

I started this blog in 2016 and call it Vurb, because, above all else, I have come to believe in the importance of practice...


of trying new things...

and trying many things when we struggle or just want to live a more meaningful life.


Whether we struggle to build better habits, focus, manage our emotions, develop healthy relationships, or stay fit, the will to tackle them is coming from us and the reserves we have built up. No energy and little to nothing gets done!

On this blog, I share posts about decluttering, mindfulness, and other ideas on living well that can greatly improve our energy and focus--and give us the time to include a fulfilling life to the mix.

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And thank you for your interest in our work. You make a difference, and you’re appreciated!

Christine Angelica
Vurb Wellness and Magazine Founder

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We are inspired to find solutions to some of our most chronic and avoidable health and well-being concerns. How do we make exercise stick, solve insomnia, stay productive, and organized, have great relationships, and learn and grow? And when we find these solutions and learn about what might help, we encourage our readers to do more than consume the information but to use it!

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Vurb Wellness Club

Join our science and soul-based wellness club for women, where you can attend workshops and mindfulness classes, and stay on track with your fitness, and other good intentions. With a positive doing motto, you'll find yourself walking more, eating better, and killing it in your career because of the techniques you learn in the Vurb Wellness Club. Our safe and nurturing environment is perfect for you if you have trouble sticking to this stuff on your own.

Sign up with the "vurbmag" discount code at checkout to get an extended free trial!

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