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About Vurb Magazine

Hi, I'm Christine.


I am a mindfulness educator, emotional health coach, and personal development junkie.


Something that I've personally struggled with is concentration and maintaining focus when I work. Thanks to one of the many dudes in the personal development space whom I follow, such as Tom Bilyeu, Simon Sinek, and the founder of MindValley, Vishen Lakhiani, I learned about neuroplasticity and neurohacking in 2014.


For my easily distractable mind, neurohacking was a revelation and I became a devoted student of the subject.


Suddenly, there was something that kept my attention. The coach in me (I did my coaching training in 2009 at iPEC in New Jersey) already knew the importance of practice, and here was a new idea (new to me anyway) that promised that with practice, I could retrain my mind to focus.


Tell me more I said. And in 2016 when I discovered Andrew Huberman on MindValley, I began learning so much more.


But not just passively learning. I became a habit hacker. Many of the tricks and tools Huberman suggested, I would try out. In later years, more remote teachers, such as Dr. Rick Hanson, came into my life through TED Talks, workshops, paid training, podcasts, and other content.

I started this blog in 2016 and called it Vurb, because, above all, I did, and still do, believe in the importance of practice. I wanted to bring a more feminine lifestyle approach to personal development while talking about some of the ways we can all build better habits.

Now that I'm a "mini expert" in the habit-building field (I'm nearing my 10,000 hours!), I'm heading back into full-time coaching with the 2023 launch of Vurb Wellness, a coaching platform devoted to the practice of wellness.


On this blog, I share posts about decluttering, mindfulness, and other ideas on living well that can greatly improve concentration and focus.


I invite you to get involved by commenting, sharing a post, and interacting with us on our social media feeds on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 


We’re a really welcoming community interested in helping people learn to fit in their wellness no matter how busy life gets and find tools to improve their focus and concentration.

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And thank you for your interest in our work. You make a difference, and you’re appreciated!

Christine Angelica
Vurb Wellness and Magazine Founder

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