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  • Christine Angelica

How to find the work you were meant to do

  1. Joy. They're happy doing what they do most days.

  2. Money. They can make a sustainable living doing it.

  3. Flow. Something that when you do it, you get in the zone. Many people I talk to, have found joy and flow, which are interrelated and usually get one with the other. The problem and hang up often is, how do I make money doing it?

  1. Explore income streams.

  2. Hire an expert in the field to help you devise a business development plan.

  3. Do your research to see what others are doing and how they're making a living doing it.

  4. Bring your own twist that will set you apart.

  5. Model your business after major corporations who put out new products and services regularly.

  6. Use social media creatively.

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