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I Tried Not Giving A F*** For A Week

DIY Confidence Coaching If you're working on your confidence, take some notes from this project:

  1. The right wardrobe can definitely up your swagger.

  2. Finding out that other people recognize your great qualities, can shift your perspective.

  3. Finding common ground is one of the best ways to connect with new people.

  4. Used in the right way, not giving a fuck can lower anxieties. While you may not have a Gianni to personally coach you, you can modify everything you learned in the video to create your own DIY coaching plan. And hack what they did. You may want to/need to come up with alternative approaches that you can do. > If you like the idea of talking to strangers but don't want to do it on the streets:

  5. Try improv classes.

  6. Challenge yourself to talk to every store clerk you interact with.> If you want to learn how others see you:

  7. Poll your co-workers and friends when you take them out to lunch.> If you want to throw a party and expand your social circle:

  8. Use a holiday or event as an excuse to host a party.

  9. Take a class where your classmates are the types of people you might want to be friends with IRL.> To get a makeover:

  10. Department stores like Macy's and Nordstrom offer free makeovers, sort of, when you shop. Take an afternoon off work to go clothes shopping and ask a stylist for help choosing what's right for you. Around 2 pm on Wednesday and most weekdays, they're less busy and can give you more attention.

  11. Take selfies of yourself in all the outfits you like, so that if you can only afford one outfit, you'll have the photos to help guide future purchases.

  12. Create Pinterest boards. And instead of a week, you may give yourself a month to carry out a set of assignments.

Keep learning and growing Continue your education with a good resource such as Jen Sincero's book, You're a Badass. In it, she shares stories, sage advice, and easy exercises to help you identify and change the beliefs and behaviors that stop you from putting yourself out there.

In no time, the ideas you're absorbing and the actions you're taking will begin to shift your self-perception. As the saying goes...

Confidence is something you create in yourself by believing in who you are . Approach your confidence work as an exercise in building authentic confidence. It's not about learning to pretend to be confident. It's about learning to be yourself. Remember, confidence isn't copying but "modeling" a behavior that your gut thinks will work for you. Start by focusing on the fundamentals like body language and people skills and making that mindset shift that you HAVE to put yourself out there more. Keep going, keep working on this! You can improve any skill you want to because whatever we work on improves. Good luck!

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