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Increasing Mindfulness in the Workplace

One of the most promising tools in the corporate wellness space is mindfulness. But like other good ideas, in order for it to be effective, you must find ways to practice mindfulness and make it part of your every day.

Mindfulness doesn’t just provide a platform for a more cohesive, positive workplace. It has many benefits to organizations as a whole. That is why smart companies are isn't overthinking this one.

Mindfulness in the workplace is good for employers and employees. It can...

  • Elevate productivity

  • Reduce employee burnout

  • Refine communication skills

  • Boost morale and company trust

  • Improve the company's bottom line

When you exercise mindfulness, you will introduce clarity and focus into your workday, as well as the ability to become a better leader.

Here are 7 ways you can bring mindfulness to work

1. Become Aware of Your Surrounding

Rather than simply behaving unconsciously (wearing headphones all day, rarely speaking to co-workers, etc.), become mindful of what is going on around you and inside your organization. Read the company's newsletter, congratulate your coworkers on promotions, personal anniversaries, their children's achievements, and their health and wellness wins!

And yes, you also want to pay attention to what is going on for you internally.

2. Do More Single-Tasking

Test yourself doing the same work while multi-tasking and while single-tasking over the course of two to three days and you'll see for yourself what we now know, multi-tasking wastes time. For those tasks where you know you do a better job when you focus, retrain yourself to do that way. Single-tasking is to slow down so you can speed up.

3. Schedule Makers Time

Unless you're a boss where your job is to attend meetings, you have projects, routine tasks, and clients to take care of. By scheduling makers' time, you will being to approach these tasks differently—with more clarity and organization. Tasks will be handled more effectively and clients will be thrilled that they get your undivided attention.

4. Practice Emotional Intelligence

The twin skills of emotional intelligence and mindfulness can transform your work relationships.

Here's how that works:

EQ trains you to approach every new situation objectively and mindfulness trains you to have the inner stillness to be able to be objective in the first place.

Blogging gives your site a voice, so let your business’ personality shine through. Choose a great image to feature in your post or add a video for extra engagement. Are you ready to get started? Simply create a new post now.

5. Make Stress Your Friend

In order to make stress your friend, you will have to first change the way you view it.

6. Take Brain Breaks

Research has found that even short — seven- or eight-minute — bursts of mindfulness results in more productive pleasant employees. Our brains need periods of focus and unfocus in order to stay sharp. Breaks have been found to increase rational decision-making skills and improve attention and focus.

7. Adopt a Coaching Style of Leadership

Here are some things that you do differently when you take the coach approach to leadership:

  • You emphasize the WE in your team.

  • You help struggling workers, by giving them the support they ask for and by creating a culture where they feel comfortable coming to ask for help.

  • Offer regular training and refreshers on technology skills that will help employees work more effectively.

  • Create a public place for employees to record their wins.

  • Have inspiring team meetings.

  • Give staff opportunities to shine, and even to lead.

  • Don't play favorites (at least not openly).

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